Astrology And Astral Projection

In This amazing segment with God’s Will, we will discuss the structure of interpretation within the Astral experience and  » Astrology  » , In a metaphor that will interpret and explain it self 🙂 Being very skillful at astrology is not an easy task. Because there are other unseen or neglected phenomenon that take place in the heavens, and that a lot of modern astrologers discard, for example: Mars getting hit by a big asteroid or The Sun, Extra energy waves hitting our solar system coming from other galaxies, … that we should take into consideration too. The same thing about the  » quality  » of the Astral projection experiences. Is it as clear as a solid matter ? can you be conscious enough within the experience to even smell the flowers there :-), taste , feel or hear… those are called the submodalities of the experience. i name it not only an astral projection ( from the 3rd Chakra ), but a spiritual projection ( from the 5th chakra ), or even a Nirvanic projection ( 7 chakra ) aka teleporting/turning water into Tea 🙂 /… in this 3rd Dimension which will be the same as the Nirvanic plane ( 9th Dimension) ( they will collapse on each other and become whole together), through a very powerful Vortex as a black-hole like( Traveling literally through space and time)


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