Astral Projection AKA The DNA Of Life

Playing spy games or having astral sex, can be an amazing experience while Astral projecting, but there is more to what meet the eyes.

The Astral realm is the Fabric of Reality, playing with it is like playing with the atomic particles of matter. So if water is played with through Oxygen and Hydrogene, may be it will become Wine at certain point. This is exacly what high Alchemist Like Jesus Christ could do. There is the killer sight too if you did heard about, and Astral crimes as well.

So if you did kill somebody or get killed in there, may be you’ll be dead or at least very hurt physically when or they in this 3D reality.

The Astral Travel is a Weapon and a tool at the same time, and it will be only availble for the wise awakened Minds, to use wisely and purposefully.


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